Robertson has been Awarded £15m to Deliver a Community Hub for Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh Council has been awarded a contract for around £15m and this is going to support a new community hub. This forms part of the council’s regeneration programme and this is going to take place in North Edinburgh. The project is going to be entering the construction phase after the Muirhouse Library has been demolished. Richard Architects designed it and it is the first in the city. The Hub is going to provide a place for people to meet others, as well as support them with their work, learning journey and skills. The building is going to be state-of-the-art, and it is also going to accommodate up to 185 children. The new library is going to help to provide an additional space for the Edinburgh Arts community and this is going to be a very much connected and inspired part of the community. The community hub is truly the most significant urban project to take place in Scotland, with the idea being to try and tackle things such as poverty and inequality in the area. They are also going to be developing it so that they can then provide over 154 new homes and up to 13 retail units. The people in charge of the development have been trying to revitalise the area for quite some time and there is said to be 1,000 new homes already expected.

Developments like this help to add a lot of value to the area and it is said that it is going to increase in the future. The development is going to be underway shortly and Robertson is leading the charge with the facility so it will be interesting to see how things end up progressing as the days go by.