£75m Concert Hall is Now Undergoing Construction

The team who are working behind the Dunard Centre are now trying to process the final design details. They are also trying to prepare as much work as they can on-site. This is going to help them to secure the other £15m they need to get the work underway as well. A meeting has taken place and this has confirmed that there is a funding package for the venue and it is being supported by the Bank of Scotland. They have confirmed that there is going to be £10m from the UK and the Scottish government, with another £5m from the City of Edinburgh council. The music has been given the green light by the planning authorities and it has been funded through a lot of philanthropic donations. They have been seeking more support and they have been given help from the Dunard Fund as well. It has been underpinned by the £25m in support from the UK government as well and this is proving to be very helpful

The Royal Bank of Scotland has worked to support the project by providing a long-term lease for the land that is required and it is going to be the first purposely-built music centre in the whole of Edinburgh, at least to have been built in the last 100 years. Joanna Baker who is the director of the Impact Scotland has come out to say that Edinburgh is a diverse and growing region and that in building the infrastructure, they are helping to create a brand-new generation of music as well as getting the endorsements they need to support artists from all around the world. This is very good, to say the least and it just goes to show how good it is going to be for the area and the surrounding hospitality businesses.